*** The Purpose of This Blog ***

  1. I need a place to ramble on about whatever I feel like and not feel like there’s a problem with it.
  2. I like writing, but if I don’t get my rambling out of the way beforehand my writing tends to be pretty crappy.
  3. Remaining anonymous while writing a blog strikes me as really amusing.
  4. Do I really need another reason?
*** A Little About Me ***
  1. I’m 16.
  2. Female.
  3. Most of what I do is for the sake of pushing people’s buttons and seeing how they’ll react.
  4. I’m a Christian.
  5. I’m opinionated.
  6. Stubborn.
  7. Random, a little hyper sometimes.
  8. I can be pretty dark and very morbid.
  9. Writing is more important to me than breathing.
  10. I swim. Quite a bit.

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